Savory Beans

I’ll probably need to apologize to someone, but I’m pretty sure I don’t ever want a slice of pinto bean pie or brownies made with any type of beans.  Beans should stay in the savory section of the cookbook where they belong.  So without further adieu here’s how to cook up a pot of savory beans to be used in bunches of recipes.

2 cups of beans – rinsed and sorted through to remove any little sticks or stones.

Place them in a pot, cover beans with water 2″ above the bean line and let sit overnight.  In a hurry – boil 1 minute and let sit covered for one hour.

Rinse beans and cover with one inch of water.   Cook for approximately 2 hours or until beans are tender.


1.  In my opinion beans don’t smell very good cooking by themselves, so I like to add a diced onion and a couple of cloves of garlic.

2.  Beans can be frozen after cooking for use in recipes at a later date.


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