How Do You Figure That?

I just can’t escape it, math.  Today I decided to figure out how much flour I need for a three month supply.  Assuming you can bake bread, which is a valuable and fun skill to have, here is a guideline you can use to figure it out for your family.  Oh good, another story problem!

My wheat bread recipe calls for 9 cups flour (4 1/2 cups wheat and 4 1/2 cups white) and makes 3 loaves per batch.  My family of two consumes 2 loaves per week.  How much flour do we need for three months?

10 lbs flour = approx. 38 cups

I’ll be adding another 20 lbs. of white flour for desserts, biscuits, tortillas, and sharing with the neighbors, bringing the total to 40 lbs. for my three month pantry.


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