Got Powdered Milk?

One night the phone rang at the home of Russell Hakes, who at the time was serving as stake president. “President Hakes,” came a man’s determined voice, “I refuse to store powdered milk! The Church wants me to store powdered milk, and I just won’t do it!”

President Hakes could hear the emotion in the man’s voice. He assured him that the Church did not expect him to store powdered milk if he didn’t want to. “You can choose any kind of storage for your year’s supply; it’s up to you,” he said, trying to calm his caller.

“Well, I’ll be hanged if I’ll store powdered milk!” the man huffed, slightly appeased. “I have six cows!”

We can all appreciate the humor of this situation. When our leaders urge us to be self-reliant, to manage our resources wisely, and to be prepared for emergencies, they are not advocating any specific storage item as an indispensable part of gospel living. What they are asking us to do is invite the spirit of self-reliance and provident living into our homes.

Catching the Vision of Self Reliance“, Ensign, May 1986, 89


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