Skeletons in the Closet

I didn’t really find a skeleton, but I did find a lot of wasted food.  This is a picture of the closet right next to my kitchen.  I have a small pantry downstairs and also use one of the bedroom closets for food storage.  We fit it in wherever we can, right?  This presents a problem when trying to remember where things are.  After assessing the situation, I realized I needed three things:

1.  A small supply of staples in the closet close to the kitchen.  I can rotate food into this closet from the larger containers downstairs.

2.  To see what’s inside the containers.  I’m more likely to soak a cup of beans that’s right in front of my face, than one that’s hidden away downstairs.

3.  Determination to keep the closet organized!

If you have this same dilemma, you might want to check out, House of Order.  I found a form for helping me to organize every cupboard and closet in the house.


2 Comments on “Skeletons in the Closet”

  1. konnie trone says:

    This is fantastic. I also printed out ways to organize your pantry a while ago from Home Made Simple. Maybe between the both of these, I will get inspired to get busy…thanks for all your good tips, stories, quotes and recipes.

    • cathy says:

      Thanks Konnie! I just checked out Home Made Simple, it’s a fun website too. I’m probably going to have to try making some of those apple pies in the canning jars, plus they have all sorts of great ideas for organizing.

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