Chicken Pot Pie

It’s such a temptation to waste it in the name of busyness, the chicken carcass.  I usually put them in a freezer bag for a later date, but this one was left in the refrigerator for a couple of days.  Here’s the unmeasured version of my chicken pot pie, because really, who wants to take the time to measure?

Chicken Pot Pie

Take one roasted chicken carcass and the drippings from the pan.  Put it into a large oven proof pot (dutch oven) and cover the carcass with water.  Bring to a boil, cover, and simmer for 45 minutes.  Remove carcass from pot and cool until you can remove the meat from the bone.  Be careful not to include the bones in your pot pie. While the chicken is cooling

Strain the broth you have just made and return it to the pot.  Add some chopped or sliced veggies (carrots, celery, green beans, peas, broccoli, etc.)  Cook them until tender.  You can add some herbs of your choice and salt and pepper to taste at this point.  While that’s cooking —

Mix up a batch of yogurt scones without the jalapeno and cheese, but with the herb of your choice.  Cut them into biscuit shapes.

Add the chicken that you’ve taken off the bone to the pot and thicken with a bit of roux.  Place the biscuits on top of the broth.  Bake for 15 – 20 minutes at 400 degrees.

Roux – I make mine by combining equal parts butter and flour.  This can be stored in the refrigerator to use when you’re in a hurry.  I also found a recipe for bake and store roux that looks pretty good.


3 Comments on “Chicken Pot Pie”

  1. konnie trone says:

    I should have made this instead of chicken soup. I guess it will have to be next time. I do have a question on the soap. I will call you this weekend.

  2. […] Chicken Pot Pie – All ingredients from the closet pantry.   (substitute baking powder biscuits for yogurt biscuits) […]

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