I Need a Bee!

Last year while we were on vacation in Florida we were introduced to “earth buckets”.  An earth bucket is a self watering container.  They can be purchased at many garden shops or home improvement type places or you can make your own.  We made ours with two food storage buckets, a PVC pipe, and a 6″ plastic pot.

A couple of weeks ago I planted a cucumber in our earth bucket and now it’s blooming!  Since this is an indoor cucumber at the moment, the next question I asked myself was, “Do cucumbers need to be pollinated?”  The answer is easy and complicated.  It is possible to purchase seeds for a self pollinating cucumber, but that’s not what I planted, so . . . yes they do and since I really don’t want a bee in the house, I had to learn how to be the bee.  Gardening with Wilson taught me all I needed to know about the birds and bees regarding cucumbers.  Right now I have eager males, but no females are willing.  Hopefully they’ll cooperate, but for now . . . waiting . . .


5 Comments on “I Need a Bee!”

  1. Carolyn says:

    Isn’t is amazing what you can learn!? Steve uses a QTip when he plays match maker with his tomatoe plants……

  2. Jessica says:

    Play some soft music and light a candle…maybe the females will come around. 😉

  3. Konnie says:

    Every time I read your blog, I learn more and more…

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