Paper Pots

My seedlings are getting bigger and need to be transplanted.  I usually transplant them into peat pots, but with the gardening season just around the corner there are no more peat pots to be found.  Here’s a solution, newspaper pots.  I made a few with actual newspaper and then someone asked me about the ink.  What I found is that newspaper now days is usually printed with soy based ink, so it’s probably OK to use newspaper (black and white only.) I just happened to have some news print art paper and so I chose to use it.

Here’s how:

1.  Cut three thicknesses of newspaper into a 9″ square.

2.  Fold it into thirds and then turn and fold into thirds again. (a nine square fold)

3.  Angle fold each corner on one side and staple.

I have read that the whole thing can be planted, but I will probably cut down one side and slip the plant out and into the garden.


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