Basil In A Bottle

This basil has been growing about a month in the kitchen window.  Unless you live without windows you can probably grow a little herb garden too.  I think it’s time to make some pasta!

What you’ll need for a bottled kitchen window garden:

A bottle

Small rocks or gravel

Potting Mix (Make sure it has some vermiculite)

Herb seeds

Water, organic plant food and a sunny window

Put the gravel or rocks in the bottom of the bottle.  Add the potting mix.  Plant some seeds.  Water and wait.   When the seedlings sprout kept them moist and fertilize according to the instructions on your fertilizer package.  You should be able to use the potting mix in the jar a couple of times after harvesting your first batch of herbs and then replace it.


3 Comments on “Basil In A Bottle”

  1. Konnie Trone says:

    I don’t know why, but I love this picture. Maye this is something I could try.

  2. cathy says:

    The best part of this experiment is being able to pick the herbs right from your window sill. I usually rotate them every couple of days, because they turn toward the sun.

  3. […] awesome!  Inspired by a recipe there, I whipped up my own version and garnished it with some basil from the bottle.  This is also one of those recipes begging to be altered.  I can also see it as a southwestern […]

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