Vanilla Seeds

In response to LeeAnn’s question, “What do vanilla bean seeds look like?”

This graphic photo shows a vanilla bean pod being dissected, the vanilla seeds are on the paper and knife.  Jessica described them as looking like “mush.”  They’re about the size of a speck of dust.

I also checked out the possibility of planting the seeds.  After reading words like, sterile laboratory and tissue . . . I decided against it.  It is however, possible to purchase a plant or grow a vanilla vine from a cutting.  The vine usually grows in a rain forest under the tree canopy, but according to Eldon Tropicals, they will also grow nicely in a humid, well lighted bathroom with a window.  It’s also necessary to be the bee if you want vanilla pods.

In the end . . . I’m glad I don’t need the faith of a vanilla seed, mustard seeds are small enough and way easier to grow!