The Bones

July is quickly approaching and I decided I’d better get down to the bones of making my three-month food storage plan.  I’ve tried a couple of ways to approach it, all with little success.  Luckily for me along came Liesa Card with her book,  I Dare You To Eat It.  Her idea that every meal served on rice is a food storage recipe, works for me.  By following the instructions in the book and modifying them to fit my diet, I finally have a thirty-day menu.  If I multiply every recipe by three, I have my three-month plan.  Here’s how I did it, but you really need to purchase the book for all the details and a better concept of the overall idea.

1.  I rummaged through all my recipes and came up with 30 that had a long term food storage item in it, checking to make sure I could store the majority of ingredients in my dry pantry or freezer.

2.  Next I divided a piece of paper into six rows and six columns.

3.  Down the left-hand column I wrote a food storage staple in each square.  (Rice, Beans, Pasta, Wheat, etc., this is where you might need to modify.)

4.  Then I numbered the rest of the squares one to thirty.

5.  The recipes go in the numbered squares according to the food storage staple that it corresponds with.  (Some have multiple staples.)

Although I now have a food storage plan, it doesn’t mean I won’t be rotating recipes in and out or just eating a big salad for a meal.  It just means I can start filling the pantry with ingredients for recipes that I know I’ll eat, so my food storage becomes a part of daily life and not something saved for a rainy day.