Cantaloupe Candy!

Get ready, get set, start your dehydrators . . .  this is the most amazing treat ever!  Friday I visited the Green River Melon stand on the North end of Springville and purchased a couple of cantaloupes.  These cantaloupes are not anything like the melons from the supermarket.  They are picked ripe from the vine and are absolutely splendiferous!

Here’s  a recipe that will rival even the best candy!  I’m really looking forward to opening a jar in the middle of winter and letting out all that summer.

Cantaloupe Candy

1 large cantaloupe, cut into 3″ x 1/2″ pieces

2 large limes

1 or 2 cups of powdered sugar depending on your tastebuds

Juice the limes into a bowl and mix in the powdered sugar.  Dip each section of cantaloupe into the sugar mixture and place side by side in a food dehydrator.  Dry for about 24 hours at 115 degrees.  If you have any left over after tasting them, store in an air tight jar.


2 Comments on “Cantaloupe Candy!”

  1. Carolyn says:

    Now that sounds like a treat even I would enjoy.

  2. Konnie says:

    what does one do if they don’t have a dehydrator?

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