A Tisket A Tasket A Bountiful Basket

I finished my food storage challenge the end of September with mixed success and for the past couple of months have reverted back to some old habits, too much dining out and too few veggies in the diet.  So last week I decided it was time for bountiful baskets again and another three month challenge to myself.

My favorite tools are, I Dare You Too Eat It and Bountiful Baskets.  Once again I’ll be stocking my pantry for three months, which will be much easier this time around.  And beginning January 10th and ending March 10th, there will be no trips to the grocery store and one trip to the bountiful basket drop off every week.

This week I spent $25.00 for a bountiful basket, $15.00 for regular and $8.50 for a Mexican pack of extra veggies. This is what was in it; 1 pineapple, 2 butternut squashes, 1 romaine lettuce, 1 bunch asparagus, 2 cucumbers (gave them to my mother-in-law), 5 pears, 5 apples, 1 bunch bananas, 1 bunch grapes, 6 limes, 3 onions, 1 head garlic, 1 bunch green onions, 7 tomatillos, 6 tomatoes, 7 anaheim chillies, a bunch of jalapenos, and a bunch of cilantro.  As always you never know what you’ll get, but I’m very pleased with this weeks offering and I think I got a pretty good deal!

P.S.  Anyone who would like to join me in my food storage adventure is quite welcome.  It’s really kind of fun and saves lots of money!  Even if you only do it for three days, it can be a good learning experience.


2 Comments on “A Tisket A Tasket A Bountiful Basket”

  1. Tell me more about this food storage challenge!! I can’t stand going to the grocery store. I keep pretty well stocked on everything, but need to go to the grocery store at least once every other week for milk, cottage cheese, Greek yogurt and a few other things. Thank heavens for Bountiful Baskets!!

    • cathy says:

      Hi Nisha, I just visited your fantastic blog all about healthy living for busy moms!

      I added a new page to the top menu of my blog that tells a little bit about my food storage challenge. Although it’s not a public challenge, only a challenge to myself, I am inviting anyone who would like to join in or share their experience, should they chose to try it.

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