Reverence Is More Than Just Quietly Sitting

I know I mentioned a while back that I teach three year old children at church on Sunday, the Sunbeam class.  Last week, being the first of the year, I got a whole new batch of Sunbeams and we talked a lot about reverence.  The discussion went something like this . . . “Reverence is more than just sitting quietly.  How can we be reverent with our eyes?  With our ears?  With our mouths?”  When I asked about mouths, I was looking for an answer such as – we can answer questions when the teacher asks – but what I got was . . . (we can be reverent) “when we eat.”  I learn a lot from these little children and then today I came across a great blog post entitled, Why I Eat . . . With Reverence.  Wonderful food for thought!


One Comment on “Reverence Is More Than Just Quietly Sitting”

  1. Thank you for including my post here. I am so glad that you enjoyed it and I love that you and the kids are learning from each other!

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