Reverence Is More Than Just Quietly Sitting

I know I mentioned a while back that I teach three year old children at church on Sunday, the Sunbeam class.  Last week, being the first of the year, I got a whole new batch of Sunbeams and we talked a lot about reverence.  The discussion went something like this . . . “Reverence is more than just sitting quietly.  How can we be reverent with our eyes?  With our ears?  With our mouths?”  When I asked about mouths, I was looking for an answer such as – we can answer questions when the teacher asks – but what I got was . . . (we can be reverent) “when we eat.”  I learn a lot from these little children and then today I came across a great blog post entitled, Why I Eat . . . With Reverence.  Wonderful food for thought!


Preparedness – A Way of Life

Prayer and Work Go Hand-in-Hand

One Great Secret

“Do not waste time bothering whether you ‘love’ your neighbor, act as if you did.  As soon as we do this we find one of the great secrets.”  C.S. Lewis

Remember This . . .

Golden Threads of Charity

“Since the foundation of the world, the cloth of righteous societies has ever been woven from the golden threads of charity.”  H. David Burton, The Sanctifying Work of Welfare

A Can, a Spoon, and A Bottle of Water

Today our Relief Society lesson was on charity or the pure love of Christ.  Charity is a feeling of kindness toward mankind that motivates us to action and reference was made to the person with the plead for help sign, so often seen on the street corner.  One woman passed along a suggestion that she had seen her mother do . . . her mother keeps a few bottles of water and flip top cans of food in her car along with plastic spoons and when she sees someone in need she is prepared to offer these.  No judgments required, just a simple act of charity.