Reverence Is More Than Just Quietly Sitting

I know I mentioned a while back that I teach three year old children at church on Sunday, the Sunbeam class.  Last week, being the first of the year, I got a whole new batch of Sunbeams and we talked a lot about reverence.  The discussion went something like this . . . “Reverence is more than just sitting quietly.  How can we be reverent with our eyes?  With our ears?  With our mouths?”  When I asked about mouths, I was looking for an answer such as – we can answer questions when the teacher asks – but what I got was . . . (we can be reverent) “when we eat.”  I learn a lot from these little children and then today I came across a great blog post entitled, Why I Eat . . . With Reverence.  Wonderful food for thought!


Sunbeams May Be Extracted From Cucumbers

Life goes on and changes occur . . . like my new church job.  I am unofficially a non-participating food storage specialist and now an official teacher of sunbeams.  Which means my brain is less focused on what I will store in the pantry and  more on how to keep three year old minds (The Sunbeam Class) thinking of Jesus for a half an hour on Sunday morning.  I love this new job and opportunity to channel my creativity in a new direction!

I’ll still be posting some food storage info, but don’t be surprised to find a little something about sunbeams too. =)